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As you know, there are people who are willing to put in their “9 to 5” day, and unwilling to invest themselves in the trial.  That was not the case with Mike.  He is both a technical genius, and an experienced paralegal.  We found Mike invaluable in our trial." - Senior Litigation Partner, AMLAW 100 Firm

I just love that you you got this to me before I could ask." - Associate, AMLAW 100 Firm re: video deposition designations for use in trial

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    Digital Forensics

    Engaging a forensic expert early on in any investigation or pending litigation can not only protect you and your client from spoliation claims, but it can also reveal evidence that may not have been disclosed or found otherwise. 

    Vertigrate examines the current facts of the case and applies its forensic expertise to the four phases of any digital forensic investigation:  collection, examination, analysis and reporting.

    Using sound and accepted methodology, Vertigrate has helped its clients in such cases as intellectual property theft, financial embezzlement, corporate espionage, and improper employee behavior.  Our work has revealed concrete evidence leading to defensible employee dismissals and withdrawn severance packages, to favorable court orders and settlement agreements, and to our client’s peace of mind.

    Below are some of the tools and techniques that we employ during our investigations.

    • Memory (RAM) capture and analysis
    • Network device log analysis, including DHCP, firewall, wireless, and syslog review
    • Basic and advanced web browser forensics
    • Basic and advanced email forensics
    • Social media and instant messaging forensics
    • Mobile device forensics
    • Basic and advanced registry analysis
    • Scan and print temporary files, including .mdi, .tif, and .spl files, Windows system, application, security and firewall log analysis
    • Windows prefetch analysis
    • Basic and advanced file carving, including unallocated space, page and hibernation files, and restore points
    • Data exfiltration analysis, i.e. USB, webmail, email, CD/DVD burning history

    Read our White Paper and visit our News section for more information, or contact us for a consultation.