LTN Cybersecurity Edition Features Vertigrate’s President
Tuesday, April 1, 2014 at 5:00PM
Mike Lombardi in cybersecurity, cybersecurity, forensics, forensics

Michael Lombardi, Vertigrate’s President, was featured in two Law Technology News articles, “Feeling Insecure?  Threats to Client Confidentiality Lurk Inside and Outside Your Firm” and “Big Law Reveals the Budgets and Tech Needed to Safeguard Confidential Data”.  The interviews focused on the state of cybersecurity within large law firms and what those firms can do to protect their clients’ data.  Mr. Lombardi focuses on a layered approach to security built on a foundation of well-trained security practitioners. 

There is no substitute for grey matter. People, equipped with solid security training, can help firms create a holistic view of how to protect client data, he says. By contrast, building a defense around one (or a handful of) security products can lull firms into a false sense of security, or crush them with an avalanche of log data.”

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