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    1st Place Winner of SANS Institute Digital Forensics Challenge

    The SANS Lethal Forensicator Coin, Round Metal Object (RMO), is designed to be awarded to those who demonstrate exceptional talent, contributions, or helps to lead in the digital forensics profession and community. The Coin is meant to be an honor to receive it; it is also intended to be rare. Those who join the Lethal Forensicators Unit will have all privileges and recognition.  For more information about this distinction, see the SANS Computer Forensics site.


    Vertigrate Helps Defend Against $25M+ Claim

    Vertigrate uses the latest in trial presentation and war room technology to help its client defend against as $25M+ breach of contract claim lasting five weeks.


    Vertigrate Helps Microsoft Defend Against $1.2B Claim

    Vertigrate serves as Microsoft Corporation's trial presentation consultant in $1.2 billion patent infringement lawsuit.

    All courtroom technology equipment and trial preparation and presentation services were delivered by Vertigrate to Microsoft during patent infringement jury trial.  Case consisted of over 1500 documents, 40 transcripts, and 200 hours of video.  Patent dispute was about half-toning methods used across multiple Windows operating systems and applications.  The nature of the dispute led to unique image display considerations and challenges to ensure that neither TrialDirector, nor the LCD displays, affected or stretched the images in question.  Plaintiff was seeking over $1.2 billion.  Confidential structured settlement reached by parties.   See Microsoft Settles With Local Company for more news about settlement.


    Vertigrate Aids Goodyear Tire & Rubber as Katzenberg Sues

    Vertigrate provides The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company with war room, trial preparation and trial presentation services to defend against Jefferey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation, lawsuit and helps the company save $2.87M.  For more information, see David Horrigan's, It's All in the Details article in Law Technology News.

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